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Join me as I travel through the cosmos into deep interstellar space. My current work, painted in oils, focuses on the beauty and complexity of our universe. Inspired by my deep desire to search for my place among the stars and traverse the heavens above. Learn more about my inspiration and process of painting space art here. Sign up for my newsletter for the most up to date news and releases here and follow artist Eric Sweet on Instagram for all things behind the scenes.

Space Artist Eric Sweet Horsehead Nebula
Milky Way Painting by Eric Sweet


In these tiny works, I strive to condense the vastness of the cosmos into tiny canvases, inviting viewers to discover the universe's wonders on an intimate scale. Each stroke captures the essence of space, from the twinkling stars to the swirling galaxies, creating miniature worlds brimming with cosmic magic. These tiny masterpieces serve as portals to infinite possibilities, inspiring awe and igniting the imagination as viewers embark on a journey through the boundless expanse of space encapsulated within the palm of their hand. See the collection here.

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